Aluminum foil vacuum packaging and transparent vacuum packaging, how to choose can make customers more satisfied?

January 1, 2023

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Vacuum packaging is believed to be familiar to everyone. It is used in electronics, chemical industry, food, catering and other industries, but careful customers find that vacuum packaging bags are made of different materials. What’s the difference? How should I choose?the difference between the twoThe difference between aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags and transparent vacuum packaging bags is mainly reflected in two aspects: material and price.The main material of aluminum foil vacuum packaging bag isPET/AL/PE,PA/PET/AL/PE,PET/AL/ cooking CPP, the vacuum bags made of these materials are opaque, so they are well protected from light, and because of the high temperature resistance of aluminum foil itself, it can be used as a high temperature cooking bag.The main material of the transparent vacuum packaging bag isNY/PEorPET/PE,PET/cooking CPPthe vacuum packaging bag made of this material is transparent on both sides, and customers can clearly see the product inside the bag. Compared with the aluminum foil packaging bag, the transparent packaging bag is softer and stronger in puncture resistance, but this kind of packaging bag It can only be heated by boiling.In terms of price, the price of aluminum foil packaging bags is higher than that of ordinary plastic bags, so the price of vacuum packaging bags made of them is also higher than that of transparent vacuum bags. For vacuum bags of the same specification, aluminum foil vacuum bags are at least more expensive than transparent vacuum bags2-3Dime.how to chooseAccording to the product characteristics introduced above, aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags can be selected for products that are sensitive to light and moisture, such as shelled nuts, tea and other foods, and aluminum foil packaging bags are also recommended for medicines and cosmetics.Vegetables, preserved eggs, cooked food, rice, etc. need to be displayed, and the waterproof and moisture-proof requirements are not particularly high. Transparent vacuum packaging can be selected. In addition, when quilts, clothes, etc. are mailed, the requirements for vacuum packaging materials are not high, only cost-effective , It is also recommended to choose transparent vacuum packaging.

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