Application of EVOH material

January 21, 2022


Application of EVOH material

EVOH  not only has good barrier properties to gases, solvents, etc., but also has excellent oil resistance and organic solvent resistance, and its antistatic properties are excellent. As a barrier material with excellent performance, it can be widely used in various types of packaging. The disadvantage is that the barrier performance of EVOH is greatly affected by the environment. When the humidity is > 60%, the barrier performance decreases significantly.

Application of EVOH material (3)

Since EVOH is hydrophilic, its gas barrier properties are affected by humidity, which hinders the expansion of its application range. Therefore, EVOH is mostly used to manufacture the intermediate layer of composite packaging materials, and is used in combination with other materials with good moisture barrier properties, such as EVOH/Polyethylene Propylene (PP), EVOH/Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), etc.

Application of EVOH material

Through the excellent barrier properties of EVOH and two layers PA material, it can effectively prevent the dispersion of volatile substances in the package, and prevent the pollution of the package by external odor and moisture, which ultimately guarantees product quality and barrier requirements for packaging, suitable for meat, poultry, seafood, cheese and other food packaging.

Application of EVOH material (2)

Applicable Products:

High and low temperature meat products, dairy products, medical equipment packaging, etc.

Basic structure and its application conditions:

PA/EVOH/PA/PE, sterilization under 110°C/30 minutes

PA/EVOH/PA/P, sterilization under 121°C/30 minutes

PA/EVOH/PA/PE, general compound&bag making

PA/EVOH/PA/EVA with easy-tear material model, cover film and bottom film, used in various foods

PA/EVOH/PA/PE, for fresh meat, cheese packaging

Applied to “FFS”automatic packaging thermoforming film, cover film, fresh meat low temperature packaging process to directly make bags, used for packaging of various foods such as meat, coffee and other vacuum packaging.

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