Are food bags afraid of high temperature?

January 6, 2023

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The topic of this article: Are food bags afraid of high temperature?Food-grade plastic bags cannot be heated at high temperatures, let alone heated in a microwave oven, let alone heated in a pan. When it is heated, its high temperature will exceed the melting point of the plastic bag, and it will deform, melt, and even adhere to the food.PEThe melting point of plastic bags is100~130Celsius, but when the ambient temperature exceeds50The plastic film will deform and shrink at 100°C, and if it is kept for a certain period of time, the plastic film will shrink. If you are picking up a plastic bag at this time, you will find that the plastic bag is stiff and cannot be opened. And boil it in water, even if it is100There will be no change in plastic bags above 100 degrees Celsius.If it is an ordinary plastic bag, then in50When the temperature is above Celsius, the plastic bag will be affected, and the deformation and shrinkage speed of the plastic film will also change with the thickness of the plastic bag. If it is a composite bag, it can withstand higher heat.Related article recommendation: Are special food bags poisonous? “Detailed explanation”

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