Are food bags afraid of the sun? Are plastic bags toxic at low temperature?

January 9, 2023

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Are food bags afraid of the sun?Food bags do not have sun protection.Packaging food in food plastic bags cannot be said to be absolutely safe. It should be safe at room temperature, but it is best not to exceed100. Exceed100The plastic bag will deform and melt, and stick to the food after melting, which is harmful to human health after eating. According to relevant information, there are several types of plastic bags currently used in the market, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride. Among them, plastic bags made of polyethylene and polypropylene can be used to hold food. Plastic bags used for food must be labeled”for food”the words of”non edible”Plastic bags can cause certain harm to the human body.The composition of food plastic bags is mostly polyethylene.110The following are not easy to decompose. Therefore, the loading temperature is lower than100The food is generally no problem. Most of the plastic bags for breakfast and the plastic bags in the bowls on the market are disposable plastic bags, which are not qualified”food plastic bag”. This plastic bag contains various viruses, bacteria and carcinogens, which will produce toxic substances at high temperatures. Long-term use will cause great harm to the human body.Related article recommendation: Are supermarket food bags environmentally friendly??(Which is more environmentally friendly, paper bags or plastic bags?)Relevant knowledge development:Are plastic bags toxic at low temperature?Generally, plastic bags are not poisonous at low temperatures, but they cannot be heated. There are two main types of plastic bags, such as the plastic bags sent by the vegetable market and the plastic bags for packaging food and daily necessities. The former is made of the cheapest recycled materials, and the latter is a high-end food-grade plastic bag, which is often used for packaging.Plastic bags are toxic because of plasticizers, but at room temperature and low temperature, the release (migration) speed of plasticizers is relatively slow, and the amount is relatively small, so there is basically no need to worry too much.

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