Are food bags biodegradable?

January 1, 2023

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Customer question: Is the food bag biodegradable?Excellent answer:Food-grade plastics are generally non-degradable. Food-grade plastic packaging is generally not produced with degradable plastics because it is in contact with food and should meet the shelf life requirements of food, and degradable plastics are added with biodegradable materials or photolytic materials. Its appearance is not very good (such as poor transparency, gloss, etc.) does not meet the appearance requirements of food packaging. This type of plastic will degrade, but it takes a long time to degrade, so it is not considered an environmentally friendly plastic from an environmental point of view.Under normal circumstances, when the plastic bag is produced, the distance from the bottom3arrive5At centimeters, a logo will be printed (some manufacturers print it elsewhere), a triangle logo. There are numbers in this logo. Don’t underestimate this number, different numbers represent different meanings. for example,”2″Stands for high-density polyethylene, abbreviatedHDPE;”4″Stands for Low Density Polyethylene, abbreviatedLDPE.generally brand newPEThe plastic bags made of raw materials can also be used as packing bags without direct contact with food or cooked food. It is also very common for us to use this kind of plastic bags to pack fruits, vegetables, rice and other oil-free and heat-free foods. However, the plastic bags of the above two numbers are not easy to degrade.Some biodegradable plastic bags have a triangle with a number on the bottom”00″In fact, it is not completely correct. A qualified biodegradable plastic bag label should include: first, the standard number, second, the degradation path, and third, the material of the product. Therefore, if the plastic bags containing food are degradable, there are usually obvious signs and instructions.Related article recommendation: Are there plasticizers in food bags?

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