Are special food bags poisonous?

January 7, 2023

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Are special food bags poisonous?Generally speaking, plastic bags specially used for packaging food are non-toxic because they are made of polyethylene or nylon. When producing polyethylene, no other materials are mixed, so the polyethylene produced has low density, soft texture, and good stability to sunlight, air, humidity, and chemicals, so there is no need to add any toxic stabilizers and plasticizer.Therefore, using this plastic film to make food packaging bags is safe and non-toxic. However, plastic film is still somewhat breathable, and when it is used to wrap scented or other odorous items, some of the scent or smell will escape. If this is the case, a stronger nylon membrane is best.Whether the film plastic bags made of other plastics are toxic requires special analysis. for example pvc, the plasticizer inside and some residual vinyl chloride will be toxic; some styrene molecules in polystyrene that can dissolve in oil are also harmful to humans; plastics synthesized with formaldehyde as the main raw material, once in contact with Water, water, grease, etc., especially at room temperature, will dissolve in food. This substance is very harmful to the human body.Therefore, except for plastic bags marked as food, or if you are absolutely sure that the plastic bags used are pure polyethylene or nylon, please avoid using other plastic bags, especially plastic bags that contain pesticides or chemical ingredients.Most of these plastic bags are made of waste plastics and contain harmful substances such as dyes and heavy metals. Some enterprises add plasticizers such as white masterbatch and talcum powder in the production process to reduce production costs. If low-quality plastic bags are used for a long time, it will cause great harm to the body, cause many adverse reactions, and lead to cardiovascular diseases. , cancer, etc., and even lead to abnormal reproductive functions in boys!Therefore, do not use plastic products that do not meet the standards, such as food and other food products, and do not use plastic bags. Excessively high temperature will soften the plastic, cause the precipitation of toxic substances, contaminate food, and cause poisoning. Therefore, try not to use plastic bags to pack food. In an emergency, also remove the food from the plastic bag and place it in a safer container.Related article recommendation: Can food bags be placed in microwave ovens?peCan food bags be microwaved?If you want to pack food in plastic bags, be sure to choose high-quality shopping bags that are colorless and odorless, and check that there are no”for food”or QSlogo. According to the regulations of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, all plastic products used for food must be labeled”for food”and QSlogo. For the consideration of the environment and sanitation, even plastic bags that meet the standards should be used as little as possible!

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