Are supermarket food bags safe? Can plastic bags in supermarkets be used as food bags?

January 14, 2023

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Are supermarket food bags safe?What are the roll bags in the supermarket made of?To understand the materials of plastic roll bags in supermarkets, we must first understand which types of plastics are divided into.Common plastic products can be divided into generally polyethylene terephthalate (pet/01),High-density polyethylene(hdpe/02), PVC (pvc/03),Low-density polyethylene(ldpe/04), polypropylene (pp/05), polystyrene (ps/06), other plastics (pc/07) These seven categories will have a triangular recyclable symbol.The serial number is marked inside the triangle01to07,in1Nothe pet,2Nohdpe,4Noldpe,5Nopp,6NopsIt can be used to hold or contact food.Food plastic bags are generally2NohdpeMaterial, and food plastic wrap is generally4NoldpeThese two materials are the most common plastics in the food section of supermarkets.”purepeplastic”It takes hundreds of years for the rolled bag to degrade. In order to prevent white pollution and control the use of roll bags, supermarkets generally tie a rope to the roll bags to prevent people from endlessly pulling down multiple roll bags.Of course, some supermarkets will choose degradable roll-on bags. Degradable roll-on bags can be divided into two types: bio-based and petroleum-based. It means that some special ingredients are added to the plastic to make it easier to degrade. Biodegradable plastic bags can generally decompose within one year, and the Olympic environmental protection plastic bags can even begin to decompose in less than three months after being discarded.Related article recommendation: How to put food bags without a refrigerator? Can food in food bags be stored in the refrigerator?Relevant knowledge development:Can plastic bags in supermarkets be used as food bags?To be precise, plastic bags can hold food, but they can only hold part of the food, not everything. And the way of installation should also pay attention, otherwise it is easy to be polluted. Food that can be packed: food with packaging bags, such as biscuits, jelly and so on.Choose food-grade plastic bags: only food-grade plastics are allowed to come into direct contact with food, otherwise it is not recommended.Unpackaged food, put it directly into plastic bags: it is recommended not to put liquids in it, you can put melon seeds, roasted seeds and nuts, or fruits, whatever.Don’t put all kinds of food in it: To prevent the smell from spreading, you put durian in it, and it will smell like durian when you take it out. To prevent cross-contamination, separate raw and cooked meat as much as possible: for example, raw meat and cooked meat should not be put together. Or cooked meat needs to be heated again at high temperature to prevent microbial contamination. Do not pack spoiled food: such as apples and tomatoes, if you find that there is a bad one, or a small piece of it, you should remove it, otherwise it will go bad faster.

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