Are vacuum food bags reusable?

January 7, 2023

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The use of food packaging bags is becoming more and more widespread. Whether it is a shopping mall, a supermarket, a small street store, or a vegetable market, as long as it is a commodity that needs to be purchased, the merchant will provide packaging bags. However, due to process and material problems, these disposable packaging bags cannot be reused. They need to be discarded directly after use, directly causing serious”White pollution”. In contrast, although vacuum packaging bags are all plastic packaging, due to the use of food-gradePA + PEThe material has reached the reusable standard, which not only reduces the packaging cost of the product, but also effectively avoids the secondary pollution of the packaging bag. What should be paid attention to when reusing vacuum packaging bags ?11. It is strictly forbidden to use reusable packaging bags for directly imported food to avoid pollution.21. Before use, please check whether there is any air leakage, otherwise the meaning of the vacuum packaging bag will be lost.3. Although the vacuum bag can be reused, it is not unlimited. When the package is damaged or discolored, it needs to be replaced.41. Vacuum bags are made of a variety of materials, and the cost is more expensive than plastic bags. Vacuum packaging bags can prolong the shelf life of products, but if the packaging is not good, it is generally difficult to keep fresh.51. In the production process, the quality of food vacuum bags is very important. High-quality vacuum bags have a transparent appearance, clear edge lines, and are colorless and tasteless. On the contrary, vacuum bags that do not meet food safety standards have a dull appearance and fuzzy edge lines. If it is unclear, if it flows into the market, it will not only produce toxic substances to contaminate food, but also cause physical harm to consumers.61. Vacuum bags are mainly used for foods that are easy to deteriorate at room temperature, such as meat products, restaurant pickles, etc. Non-food packaging can also be used for vacuum bags, usually metal and electronic industries. Food vacuum packaging bags cannot be reused. Secondary use can cause serious hazards.Recommended related articles: What kind of plastic bags are food grade?

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