Can aluminum foil bags contact food directly?

September 2, 2022


Can aluminum foil bags contact food directly?

Aluminum foil bags are not toxic. Because aluminum as a kind of metal material, in the process of packing bags of aluminum processing, need to put the heated to above 1200 degrees, which will change the internal structure of atoms if al content more high purity aluminium wire, through the processing of ultra high temperature, some of which are harmful to human body material will disappear, so aluminum plating bags didn’t poison.

Aluminum foil bags 9.1

The aluminized film used in food packaging is generally made of food-grade material, which needs to meet the requirements of food safety standards. As an aluminized film used in the food industry, it is non-toxic and can be used safely. 

We current all pasted FDA food degree certificate,and our aluminum foil bags are widly used in many big supermarket such as Walmart etc.

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