Can food bags be microwaved?peCan food bags be microwaved?

January 8, 2023

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Can food bags be microwaved?1, No, some food packaging bags are PEYes, it is not toxic and can be put in the microwave. but there are also notPEMaterial food bags cannot be placed in microwave ovens.2, Because you can’t tell what material it is, please don’t put plastic bags in the microwave, so as not to cause safety hazards.3Therefore, when we use microwaves, we must use special microwave containers, high-quality porcelain, glassware (preferably colorless), and when heating, the lid of the container cannot be completely covered.Recommended related articles: Are food bags afraid of the sun? Are plastic bags toxic at low temperature?Relevant knowledge development:peCan food bags be microwaved?PEPlastic film is a plastic product that is available in50-85Continuous use within ℃. First of all, temperature resistance, decomposition and melting are two different concepts. When the continuous operating temperature is exceeded, plastic products will age, especially become hard and yellow.PEThe melting point of160~240℃, with the characteristics of softening and not degrading.PEThe thermal decomposition temperature must be at240degrees Celsius, otherwise PEDegradation will occur.The above is pure PEIn practical applications, plastic products will add some additional substances when they are used, so as to improve the temperature resistance, decomposition and melting of plastics.Plastic products cannot absorb the microwaves emitted by microwave ovens, and can only react to polar molecules in food (such as water, fat, protein, etc.) Depends on temperature. When the microwave oven uses the grill function, the temperature in the furnace can exceed250Celsius (depending on the power of the heating pipe of the microwave oven), so it cannot be used.

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