Can food plastic bags withstand high temperature?

May 7, 2022


Can food plastic bags withstand high temperature?

Can food plastic bags withstand high temperatures? Presumably, some people will have this question, because many food plastic bags are in contact with relatively high-temperature food, and consumers will also worry about whether this temperature will affect the decomposition of harmful substances from the plastic bags.

Health and hygiene. We know that the material commonly used to make food plastic bags is PE plastic, so let’s take PE plastic bags as an example. The melting point of PE plastic bags is 100-130 °C, but if the surrounding ambient temperature reaches above 50 °C, the plastic bags will deform and shrink, and if they continue, they will shrink into a ball. At this time, if you are picking up the plastic bag, you will find that the plastic bag has hardened and cannot be opened for use. But if you put it in water to cook, even if it exceeds 100 ℃, the plastic bag will not change at all. For example, the commonly used cooking bag is a good example.

If it is an ordinary plastic bag, it will start to affect the plastic bag when the ambient temperature reaches above 50 ℃. The deformation and shrinkage, it is related to the thickness of the plastic bag. The thinner the plastic bag, the faster it is. If it is a composite bag, the heat it can withstand will be much higher.

If it is directly burned with fire, no matter what kind of plastic bag is the same, it is just that some plastic bags will burn for a longer time.

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