Can grocery bags be decomposed?

January 4, 2023

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Customer question: Can the food bag be decomposed? High-quality answer: Some bags can be decomposed, and some can’t be decomposed. Best of all, the raw material in the bag is biodegradable, not polyethylene, which just won’t break down. Generally speaking, during the production process, a plastic bag will be printed with a mark (some manufacturers print it elsewhere) and a triangular mark between three and five centimeters. All signs are numbered. Don’t underestimate, each number has its own meaning. For example, “2” means HDPE, or HDPE; “4” means LDPE, or LDPE. Plastic packaging bags usually made of new PE materials can be used as packaging bags without direct contact with food or food. We often use this plastic bag to hold some non-fat, non-calorie foods. However, the above two types of plastic bags are not biodegradable. The bottom of some biodegradable plastic bags is marked with “00”, but this is not accurate. The label of a standard biodegradable plastic bag must include: label number, decomposition path and material. Therefore, if the plastic bags used to package food are biodegradable, there will generally be clear signs and instructions. We are very curious whether these foods can be decomposed, please carefully read the labels and instructions on the packaging. However, regardless of whether food can be decomposed or not, we should avoid using plastic bags to store food for a long time, and use more stable ceramics. Recommended related articles: Can Food Bag Leakage be Compensated?

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