Can pet food bags hold human snacks?

January 4, 2023

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The topic of this article: Snacks can be packed but must meet food safety standards or be packed with snacksPet snack buckets are just snack buckets, don’t use them for food that people eat, because you have to know that pet snack buckets are not really sterilized, because there is no problem with small animals eating them, but if they are eaten by humans, will have uncertain effects. So in this case, you must judge carefully, and don’t pick up snacks that are just for people to eat. But those who have done a good job of disinfecting and meeting the requirements can also hold snacks. Or a non-contact pet treat pail with bagged treats.Related article recommendation: How much silk is better for vacuum food bags?Relevant knowledge development:1. Can pet dog snacks be eaten by humans?With the improvement of living standards, more and more families keep dogs. Many owners will prepare some dog snacks for their pet dogs. Can I eat it?Generally speaking, eating dog snacks once in a while does not have much impact. After all, regular dog snacks have also passed the food standard inspection, and there is no problem in terms of safety; however, it is not recommended to eat dog snacks frequently, because dogs The nutrient ratio needed is different from that of people, and eating dog food often may cause malnutrition.However, no one should eat dog snacks often. After all, dog snacks and most pet snacks are low-salt and low-fat, and the taste is relatively ordinary, which is incomparable with the taste of human snacks.2. Can human snacks be given to dogs?People can eat dog snacks occasionally, but the snacks that people eat generally cannot be given to dogs, even if they are eaten occasionally, because many of the snacks that people eat are high in salt and oil, and the dog’s ability to metabolize salt No human is strong, eating too many human snacks will burden the dog’s kidneys.In addition, it should also be noted that there are some human snacks that cannot be given to dogs at all, such as chocolate (theobromine contained in it may cause shock and even death in dogs), chewing gum containing xylitol (xylitol It will cause the dog to suffer from hypoglycemia, which can lead to liver failure and death in severe cases. Chewing gum without xylitol is also easy to stick to the trachea), spicy strips (which will stimulate the dog’s sense of smell and taste, and cause the dog’s sense of smell to decrease. taste aggravated), etc.

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