Can the frozen food bag be bulging?

January 2, 2023

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Frozen food is inedible if the bag is swollen. Because some foods are vacuum-packed, the expansion of the package means that the air has entered, and the air will bring in some bacteria, fungi, or other moisture that will cause qualitative changes in the food. Therefore, it is best not to eat vacuum-packed food after it is swollen.Flatulence or food with damaged packaging may cause abdominal discomfort and other symptoms. Most of the food in the flattened package is expired, or the air has entered the inside, which will make the food spoiled or moldy, and will burden the stomach.Vacuum packaging uses an oxygen-free environment to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. If there is air inflation, it indicates that there is already air inside, which cannot inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. In addition, it is also possible that the food has deteriorated and anaerobic fermentation has occurred. This kind of food usually produces some toxic substances and bacterial contamination.Recommended related articles: Pet Food Bags2.5kgHow many layers of composite are used?Relevant knowledge expansion: Precautions for using frozen foodDon’t be careless when handling frozen food. Before handling, you need to wear disposable gloves, wash the food carefully, and operate gently during the cleaning process to prevent water splashes.In the process of cooking, raw and cooked should be separated, and it must be fully cooked. Generally, the high temperature during cooking can eliminate the new coronavirus.After cooking food, all containers, kitchen utensils, and countertops must be carefully cleaned, and finally disinfected again.If vacuum packed, the bag expands. Then don’t eat it, it is likely to be non-vacuum packaged due to deterioration, and it is necessary to distinguish whether it is deterioration from the appearance and smell.First of all, it depends on whether the frost inside the packaging bag is serious, because non-vacuum-packed frozen food will have a certain amount of air remaining in the packaging bag when it is sealed, and it will condense into frost after being frozen in a cold storage. If there is no air leakage at the sealing, There may be frost in the bag, but it is very small;If the frost is severe or even frozen, it means that the package has been damaged. Even if the package is not inflated, it should be eaten with caution.Secondly, it depends on whether the food is hardened or sticky. Frozen food is below zero.18It is rapidly frozen in an environment with high temperature, and the temperature is also required to be controlled below zero when stored in the warehouse.18If the temperature is below 100°C, but the temperature is not reached during the daily vehicle transfer process, it will cause the product to heat up and melt, and when the product freezes again, it will harden and stick. If all the products in the package are boarded into one piece or most of them are stuck together, they should also be eaten with caution.Finally, it can also be judged from the appearance and smell.It will deteriorate if it is returned to temperature for the first time and then frozen, and it may turn black in appearance. In this case, it must not be eaten. If there is a peculiar smell after opening the package, do not eat it.The above is that the frozen food bag is bulging, can it still be eaten? If you want to order frozen food packaging bags, you can contact us, we will give you a preferential price and ensure the quality of the products. Looking forward to cooperating with you, and welcome to visit our factory.

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