Causes and Countermeasures of Solvent Residue in Vacuum Packaging Bags

December 25, 2022

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Nowadays, vacuum packaging bags are used more and more in people’s lives, so the problem of solvent residue in packaging bags has been proved enough on packaging bags, and there are many reasons for it, so it should be taken seriously. Here we first discuss the device factor. Most of the solvent residues are caused by improper adjustment of the drying temperature, wind speed and wind pressure of the drying tunnel of the printing machine and the laminating machine. High temperature, low wind speed and positive pressure formed by the wind direction at the mouth of the drying tunnel will cause high solvent residues. The following three-dimensional bag manufacturers will briefly introduce the relevant issues:First, ensure that there is enough sealing nozzle inlet in the drying tunnel, and then adjust both the inlet and the inlet of the drying tunnel to a wind speed with high negative pressure. That is to say, the airflow at the entrance and exit of the drying tunnel is in the state of the drying tunnel. For flow, special attention should be paid to the indoor exhaust outlets of many factories and the exhaust outlets that come with the equipment(Such as the exhaust outlet on the gluing unit of the compound machine and the exhaust outlet between the printing unit)This requires a large flow of exhaust fans to make the exhaust ducts also connected to the main. During adjustment, the wind direction of these exhaust air drying tunnel openings can be formed into negative pressure. Or it is also possible to install additional pipelines and equip exhaust fans separately. Block these vents.In addition, the drying temperature of the printing machine and the temperature of the recombination section should not be too high. The problem of excessive solvent residue caused by false drying. Do not use the secondary air of the drying tunnel, especially the secondary air of the first section of the composite machine. Backwind recommends turning it off. Not good at opening and sometimes doing wellPoor mouthfulness is a common problem. Even if it is opened, it will stick to the bag as if there is water vapor. This phenomenon is in addition to the problem of the heat-sealing film itself and the curing temperature. The main reason should be that the winding is too tight and too high during compounding. The principle is not yet clear, and I hope colleagues in the industry can give pointers. For compound machines, the solution is not to tighten the winding when compounding. If it is automatic tension, the taper tension can be set slightly larger. In this way, the manual tension will be adjusted slightly larger each time. After aging, the mouth opening will not be poor. Another roll will be loose. A lower temperature of the outer composite roll is also helpful to improve the opening of the composite film.However, when taking these two methods, it must be ensured that the composite film is easy to come out after curing, otherwise the composite film has a high initial adhesion.The reasons and countermeasures for the above vacuum bag solvent residues are summarized by the antirust bag manufacturers for your reference!

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