Choose better vacuum packaging bags for different products

December 22, 2022

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Some users often ask what material is good for food-grade vacuum bags such as zongzizhen, sausage packaging bags, nut packaging bags, duck neck bags, etc. In fact, it depends on the characteristics of the product to choose a vacuum bag of suitable material. In terms of performance, it can be divided into non-barrier vacuum bags, medium-barrier vacuum bags and high-barrier vacuum bags; in terms of functionality, it can be divided into low-temperature resistant vacuum bags, high-temperature cooking vacuum bags, puncture-resistant vacuum bags, stand-up bags, Zipper bags and organ bags, etc. The aluminum-plastic three-dimensional bag feels that in the face of a variety of packaging and different product characteristics, how to choose a suitable vacuum packaging has become a problem that must be solved in actual production and application.How to choose vacuum bags for different types of products?Because different products have different requirements for packaging, material selection should be made according to product characteristics, including:Whether it is easy to deteriorate and the factors that cause deterioration(light, water or oxygen)product form, product surface hardness, storage conditions, sterilization temperature, etc. A good vacuum bag does not necessarily have many functions, but depends on whether it is suitable for the product. 1, products with regular shape or soft surface:For products with regular shapes or soft surfaces, such as sausage products and bean products, it is not necessary to require high mechanical strength of the material, only the barrier of the material and the influence of the sterilization temperature on the material need to be considered. Therefore, for such products, generally adopt OPA/PEStructured vacuum packaging bags. If high temperature sterilization is required(100℃ above), can be usedOPA/CPPstructure, or use a high temperature resistantPEas a heat seal layer. 2, Products with high surface hardness:For products such as bone-in meat products, due to the high surface hardness and hard protrusions, it is easy to puncture the packaging bag during vacuuming and transportation. Therefore, the packaging bags for such products need to have good puncture resistance and cushioning properties. optional PET/PA/PEorOPET/OPA/CPPMaterial vacuum bag. If the product weighs500gBelow, you can try to useOPA/OPA/PEStructured packaging bag, this kind of bag has good product adaptability, better vacuuming effect, and will not change the shape of the product at the same time. 3, perishable products:Manufacturers of aluminum foil three-dimensional bags believe that low-temperature meat products and other products that are prone to deterioration and require low-temperature sterilization do not require high strength of packaging bags, but require them to have better barrier properties, so pure co-extrusion films can be selected, such as PA/PE/EVOH/PA/PEStructured films can also be dry compounded, such asPA/PEthin film, can also be usedKcoating material. High temperature products can usePVDCShrink bag or dry compound bag.

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