Common Frozen Food Packaging Materials

January 4, 2023

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At present, the common frozen food packaging bags on the market mostly use the following material structure: 1, PET/PEThis structure is more common in quick-frozen food packaging. It has good moisture-proof, cold-resistant, and low-temperature heat-sealing properties, and the cost is relatively low. 2,BOPP/PE, BOPP/CPPThis kind of structure is moisture-proof, cold-resistant, low-temperature heat-sealed with high tensile strength, and the cost is relatively economical. in,BOPP/PEThe structure of the packaging bag looks and feels betterPET/PEGood structure can improve the product grade. 3,PET/VMPET/CPE, BOPP/VMPET/CPEDue to the existence of the aluminum plating layer, this kind of structure has beautiful surface printing, but the low-temperature heat sealing performance is slightly poor, and the cost is high, so the utilization rate is relatively low. 4,NY/PE,PET/NY/LLDPE,PET/NY/AL/PE, NY/PEThe packaging of this structure is resistant to freezing and impact, becauseNYWith the existence of layers, its puncture resistance is very good, but the cost is relatively high, and it is generally used for packaging angular or heavy products.In addition, there is a simplePEBags are generally used as outer packaging bags for vegetables and simple frozen foods.In addition to packaging bags, some frozen foods need to use blister trays, the most commonly used tray material isPP, food gradePPHygienic is good, can be in-30℃ low temperature use, there are alsoPETand other materials. As a general transport package, corrugated cartons are the first considerations for frozen food transport packages due to their shockproof, compressive properties and cost advantages.

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