Common unit for measuring the thickness of plastic bags – mil

March 25, 2022



A mil is the industry-wide measurement unit for plastic bag thickness.

1 mil is equal to a thousandth of an inch (1000 mil = 1 inch). Most plastic bags are 6 mils or less, with the average poly bag breadth around 2 mils. This may seem like a small range, but for poly bags, there’s a big difference between 0.5 or 1 mil poly bag and a 5 mil poly bag.

Poly bags are an incredibly versatile packaging material that can be developed into varying strengths to serve any application. If you’re still not sure which poly bag thickness is right for you, talk to an expert from Shenzhen Haoxiang Trade Manufacturing. We’d love to learn more about your product and application and help you find the very best thickness and size poly bag for your company.

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