Conditions to be understood when ordering food vacuum bags

December 15, 2022

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Three-dimensional bag manufacturers tell you to order food vacuum bags/Three basic conditions for industrial vacuum bags to understand1. Price of vacuum bag: The price of vacuum bag needs to be calculated according to the size and specification of the product, specifically: size, material, thickness, and several colors of packaging bag printing. Therefore, when obtaining the price of the vacuum bag, the corresponding parameter information must be provided to calculate the accurate price.2. The minimum order quantity of vacuum bags: the minimum order quantity of vacuum bags is related to the raw materials. For example, our vacuum bags are nylon composite high pressure, so the minimum order quantity of nylon is6000m, so we have to follow6000The minimum order of rice. Calculate our MOQ according to the size, length, and typesetting, for example, our packaging bag is25*31cmthen our typesetting can be single row, the minimum order quantity is6000m/0.31m≈19000One, low quantification is an estimation algorithm, and the quantity is generally lower than the expected quantity. If the demand is relatively large, you can choose to make double typesetting, and the quantity is19000*2≈38000indivual. Generally the lowest is a roll of material. For special reasons, if some customers cannot meet the minimum order quantity, we must negotiate with the manufacturer whether there are other similar customers who can make orders together!Third, the quality and safety of vacuum bagsFull: safetyA complete vacuum bag is a requirement for our vacuum packaging bag manufacturers. Equipment packaging bags, especially food vacuum bags, must be customized in strict accordance with national standards.Safe film raw materials; strict requirements for safe useComplete ink printing; strictly require our factory to produce environmental sanitation to ensure safetyComplete vacuum bags leave the factory.

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