Cooking bag aging process and precautions

January 17, 2023

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The purpose of the cooking bag curing by the packaging bag manufacturer is to promote the chemical reaction between the main agent and the curing agent of the two-component polyurethane adhesive, so that the molecules can form a network cross-linked structure, so that there is a higher composite firmness. Therefore, the two important factors of ripening—-Time and temperature are essential.Packaging bag manufacturers retort bag curing, regardless of the use of external heating or internal heating, the purpose is to achieve stable and uniform indoor temperature. Because composite films with different material structures have different curing requirements, the composite adhesive can only achieve high bond strength if it forms a network structure. Therefore, in order to be comprehensive, the general two-component adhesive should be placed in the45-55°C,twenty fourhours to fully cross-link. The retort adhesive composite film needs to be cured at low temperature for a long time, and the retort pouch adhesive needs to be cured for a long time.72Hours later, it can be fully cross-linked and solidified.During the curing process of the retort bag, the adhesive still has a certain fluidity, so the effect of hanging curing is better. However, some adhesives require15-7sky. This point must be done according to the requirements of the product manuals of various brands and models, and the curing room temperature should not be too low and the curing time should not be too short. The temperature in the retort pouch ripening room should be kept uniform at all points by means of ventilation and flow. Therefore, while strictly controlling the time and temperature of retort pouch maturation, the exhaust fan should be turned on regularly, and the indoor air should be properly replaced. The residual solvent released during curing is discharged outside to replenish clean and fresh air, avoid secondary pollution of the composite membrane, and facilitate the circulation of fresh air in the curing room. This is beneficial to reduce the amount of residual solvent and peculiar smell of the compound, and is beneficial to improve product quality.The cooking temperature of the cooking bag is generally controlled within a deviation2Within ℃, the curing time deviation is only+4h, the curing time is not enough or the time is too long, it is not advisable. After the cooking bag is cooked, the material should be parked and cooled at room temperature24hOnly then can it be cut into bags. According to operating experience, if a retort pouch product cannot be fully matured at one time, the peeling force of the secondary curing will be much worse than that of the fully matured one, and it is also easy to delaminate and lead to high-temperature cooking delamination.

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