Different types of biodegradable bags we can make.

May 5, 2022


Different types of biodegradable bags we can make.

Nowadays, we have made kraft paper stand-up pouches and kraft paper flat bottom pouches.

It is ideal for packing rice, cookies, dried foods, herbs, seeds, and any other food that requires airtight storage.

If you want to make a bag with a window, that is ok. The material is brown kraft paper and PLA inner and for this bag ever the zipper is also biodegradable.

The window is not transparent, because the PLA is a milk color material that can’t show clear food.

This kind of bag is applied for food industry use which includes tea, powder so on.

If you want to pack clothes, you could choose this one(PLA zipper Bag). It is just a one-layer material of PLA.

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