Do you prefer kraft paper bags or plastic bags?

March 2, 2022


As we all known,many things need to packaging. There are some materials that you can choose.

What is the benefits of kraft paper pouch?

1. Kraft paper is an eco-friendly and become more popular in the flexible packaging world and the cost will be more expensive than plastic.

2. Kraft paper can combine plastic material and biodegradable material.

3. You do not need to do too much when it comes to printing on kraft paper.

4. The material allows for simple printing design.

kraft paper material

What is advantage of plastic bag?

1. Plastic is a traditional printing and can save printing fee.

2. Plastic can accept to printing more colors and the content is colorful.

3. They are very durable for packaging as they are water-resistant and puncture proof.

kraft paper material (2)

Which material will be your choice?

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