Features of anti-static aluminum foil bags

December 16, 2022

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Today, the three-dimensional bag manufacturer will explain in detail the characteristics of the anti-static aluminum foil bag: the electrostatic voltage of the anti-static aluminum foil bag is the electrostatic potential of a certain point on the surface of the charged body and a specified reference point (usually”land”) difference between potentials. Since the ground potential is usually taken as zero, the electrostatic potential value on the surface of the charged body represents the voltage level there. Since the potential is a physical quantity proportional to the charge, the level of the potential relatively reflects the degree of charge of the object, that is, the measurement of the potential (voltage) can be used to understand the magnitude of the charge. Moreover, because the test of electrostatic voltage is easier to realize than the test of other electrostatic parameters, it has been widely used.Compared with the general strong or weak current test, the anti-static aluminum foil bag static test has its own characteristics. Only by grasping these characteristics can we choose a suitable test instrument, formulate a suitable test method and procedure, and obtain more accurate results. .Antistatic aluminum foil bag electrostatic test has the following characteristics: 1.Electrostatic test equipment should have small input capacitance and high input resistance. 2.Electrostatic test results are often related to test conditions such as test methods and test voltages. 3.Electrostatic testing is significantly affected by various environmental conditions. 4.The ESD sensitivity test has strict requirements on the output waveform of the simulator used.The purpose of electrostatic testing of anti-static aluminum foil bags can be summarized into the following points: 1.Provide a basis for static protection engineering design and improve the antistatic performance of the product itself; 2.Under actual operating conditions, determine whether the human body, equipment, tooling, etc. may become a source of electrostatic discharge hazards; 3.Detect the antistatic performance and quality of electrostatic protection equipment; 4.When the electrostatic discharge hazard occurs, conduct a simulation test to analyze the cause of the accident and provide a basis for taking targeted measures; 5.Evaluate the design and manufacturing quality of static-sensitive electronic products.Equipment packaging bag manufacturers specialize in the production of anti-static aluminum foil bags, tailor-made anti-static aluminum foil bags that meet your high export requirements

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