How long can biodegradable plastic bags last?

June 13, 2022


How long can biodegradable plastic bags last?

In actual use, biodegradable plastic bags and plastic packaging bags are basically disposable products.

If we use degradable plastic bags to store products, after packing and putting them away, they will not be moved or taken out for use, from the perspective of storage time, it will last half a year. Because the “shelf life” of the degradable plastic bags in use is very short, generally after 6 months, the biodegradable components (raw materials) in the plastic bags have basically become water, carbon dioxide, methane, and microbial biomass.

biodegradable plastic bags

The biodegradable plastic bag with the original packaging, if the packaging of them is better, the shelf life can be 1-3 years, depending on the raw materials of the product and the way of packaging, which requires the user to refer to the specific product. Therefore, degradable plastic bags are generally purchased according to the actual needs of users, and it is not recommended to stock up in large quantities.

Here, 100% biodegradable plastic bags are truly environmentally friendly degradable bags that can be completely degraded into water and gas that do not pollute the environment. However, degradable plastic bags usually refer to partial degradation, and some are still not easily degradable.

Therefore, users who have to need to use degradable plastic bags should first clarify their use requirements and then choose products. If you don’t have an idea about the product, please leave a message. We have been focusing on the production of plastic bags and paper bags for 17 years, really 17 years! Find us, you can’t go wrong.

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