How much wire is better for vacuum food bags?

January 5, 2023

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According to experience, in general, vacuum packaging bags are8-20Silk or so, but it still depends on the needs of different products for the packaging bag; when choosing the thickness of the packaging bag, it should be determined according to the weight and shape of the packaged food. For example, if the packaged food weighs a lot, choose a thicker one. If the shape of packaged food is relatively regular, choose thinner ones, and for foods with bones and thorns, choose thicker ones.The appropriate thickness also depends on the size of the packaging capacity.1.For example, the packaging capacity ranges from a few grams, tens of grams, hundreds of grams, to more than a few kilograms. The thickness of this vacuum packaging bag generally needs to be2.5Silk-20between the wires25Micron-200Microns.2.For a few grams, tens of grams of packaging bags such as Wangwang Snow Cake, you can use heat-sealedOPPMaterial, thickness can be done2silk or2.5Silk. Another example is those foods with bones and thorns, vacuumed roast chicken, duck neck and other vacuum packaging bags.15Wire left and right.3.like larger capacity5Kilogram,10kg of rice packaging can do18Silk.4.for those who have10The vacuum packaging with a kilogram capacity is called heavy packaging. Generally, heavy packaging needs to be processed with composite materials, and the thickness can reach25Wire left and right.Recommended related articles: What does the amount of wire in vacuum food bags mean? “Detailed explanation”

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