How to choose a vacuum compression bag?

December 29, 2022

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How to choose a vacuum shrink bag? 1, Raw materials, the main ones sold on the market arePA+PERaw.what isPA+PE, which means that the bag body uses a layer ofPAfilm, a layerPEComposite membrane. The inner layerPEmembrane, outer layerPAmembrane. PAPlastic is the nylon we are familiar with, friends who have studied chemistry should knowPAIt has good comprehensive functions, including heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, and low friction coefficient. It is very suitable for the outer layer of shrink bags. PEPlastic polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic, has excellent low temperature resistance, and has very good chemical stability. Insoluble in common solvents at room temperature, low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation. It is also very suitable for the inner layer of shrink bags.But here is one thing we need to pay attention to. Some unscrupulous businesses will make recycled materials into shrink bags. Recycled materials are recycled waste plastics, melted and remade into plastics. Recycled materials will produce toxic and harmful substances, and recycling The more plastics there are, the more toxic and harmful substances are produced.How to make the difference?The simpler difference is the price, especially those produced by unknown manufacturers, the price is very cheap, so you must not buy it.In addition, the recycled materials are generally made thicker,9A thread,12silk etc. (1Silk is equal to0.01mm). 2, Size, choose according to your actual needs, before you buy, you should first check which quilts, clothes, etc. are temporarily unused at home, and need to be stored in shrink bags after compression. 3, thickness, I looked around, the basics are7Silky, I personally also advocate7Silk is enough, there is no need to buy too thick, unless there are special needs. 4details, this is mainly to understand the sealing strip, sealing clip, and anti-leakage valve of the three-dimensional bag. The quality of these determines the airtight performance of the shrink bag. 5, Sales volume and praise rate, if you plan to shop online, you can pay attention to the sales volume and praise rate, (this can also be considered as big data analysis, haha)Although you can’t judge whether something is good or bad, you can know the quality of the shrink bag from the side. 6, Others, the storage bags used to be flat, now there is a three-dimensional compression bag, it is really convenient to store clothes and pants, if you want to store clothes and trousers and more, such as short sleeves in summer, it is recommended to buy three-dimensional Bags are easy to pack and hold a lot; also, it is strongly recommended to use an electric air pump or a shrink bag without an air valve. Manual ones are really tiring.

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