How to choose coffee bean packaging?

January 22, 2022


How to choose the packaging of coffee beans?

A good cup of coffee, coffee beans are its soul, after roasting, the coffee beans are ready to use. Good packaging is important, it is best to avoid loss of aroma and maintain freshness. If the coffee beans come into contact with the air, the moisture and oxygen in the air will accelerate the oxidation process and make the coffee quality worse.

So how to choose the most suitable packaging? The following factors may be considered:

  1. Flexible non-airtight packaging

This is the most economical one. Usually used by small local bakeries because they can guarantee quick supply. The coffee beans can be consumed in time. Coffee beans in this packaging can only be stored for a short period of time.

  1. Air tight packaging

Suitable for bar, home or indirect supply (supermarket, etc.), after filling the coffee, vacuum and seal. Due to the formation of carbon dioxide during the roasting process, this package can only be packaged after the coffee has been left for a period of time to deaerate, so there is a storage interval of several days. Coffee beans last longer than ground coffee. Low cost since no separation from air is required during storage. Coffee in this packaging should be used up within 10 weeks.

  1. One-way valve packaging

Available in pouches and cans. After roasting, the coffee is placed in a special vacuum container with a one-way valve. This gas valve allows gas to go out, but not in. A separate storage phase is not required, but the aroma is somewhat lost due to the outgassing process. It avoids the formation of rancid smells, but does not prevent the loss of aromas.

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