How to choose food packaging bags correctly?

February 10, 2022


How to choose food packaging bags correctly?

Due to the different properties and chemical composition of different foods, the suitable packaging types are also different, and the protective requirements of the packaging are quite different. Therefore, when food companies choose food packaging bags, they should choose the corresponding packaging bags according to the shape of the food, the production process and the nature of the food.

For example, for tea, in order to prevent the tea from being dampened and deteriorated, the aroma is emitted and oxidized, high-barrier materials that block oxygen, light, and moisture are required, such as aluminum foil bags.

In addition, the correct choice of food packaging bags by food companies should also consider the factors of the mode of transportation. For example, products transported by sea need to float at sea for a period of time. Considering changes in temperature and humidity, in order to prevent the products from deteriorating due to environmental influences, packaging materials that ensure isolation from the external environment must be selected.

How do food companies choose food packaging bags correctly? To a large extent, packaging bag manufacturers are also one of the important factors to consider. If you want to make an ideal packaging product, the experience of the packaging manufacturer, the materials used, the production process, the production capacity, and the service will all have an impact.

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