How to make a fully Flat Bottom Bag for coffee beans?

July 22, 2022


How to make a fully Flat Bottom Bag for coffee beans?

First, Prepare 3~4 layers of raw materials. 

The raw materials usually use two styles: Frosted and Glossy/Shiny type. Frosted one, MOPP+VMPET+PE; Glossy/Shiny one, PET/VMPET/PE.

If you would like to get them, tell us now.

coffee bag materials

Second, the general zipper, one-side zipper, one-way valve, and punch hole are acceptable to add. 

Zipper we both use fully food grade HDPE made, and the valve also. See some detailed pictures attached.

One side zipper coffee bag

One side zipper coffee bagGeneral zipper coffee bag

General zipper coffee bag

One-way valve

One-way valve

Third, the final design makes.

We could provide a bag template file then you could directly make your final design inside. After the final design is finished, we offer a free digital draft service for you. When we move with mass production, all customized gravure printing plates will make after your own design is totally confirmed. 

flat bottom coffee bag (3) flat bottom coffee bag (2)

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