How to put food bags without a refrigerator? Can food in food bags be stored in the refrigerator?

January 15, 2023

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How to put food bags without a refrigerator?one.put in a ventilated placeIf the weather is not particularly hot, you can store the food in a ventilated place for a period of time. If it is a hot summer, this will also play a certain role, but it will not be stored for too long;two.Why food is stored longer in winter than in summer, because temperature is an important factor in determining the storage time of food. Putting food in a bag and soaking it in cold water will also have a little effect. Be careful not to soak it for too long;three.under air conditionerNo matter where you live in a hotel or wherever you go, the room is usually equipped with air-conditioning. If you put the food under the air-conditioner, the temperature will be slightly lower, and the food can be preserved for a longer time;Four.pickled foodThere are many foods that can be pickled, and the taste is also good. The pickled food is not easy to deteriorate and can be preserved for a long time, but the pickled food should not be eaten too much!Recommended related articles: What does food bag halal mean? Why is there halal on the food bag?Relevant knowledge development:Can food in food bags be stored in the refrigerator?Can’tFood plastic bags cannot be used to put food in the refrigerator, because plastic bags have many kinds of poisons, and the humidity in the refrigerator is too high, which will easily cause the food in the plastic bag to deteriorate. Lack of ventilation will consume the nutrients of the food. Colorful plastic bags are recycled plastic bags. The colorants used often contain benzopyrene, a strong carcinogen, which may be transferred to food when it comes into contact with food.Put food in a plastic bag, and the humidity around the food is high, which is easy to breed germs and cause food to deteriorate. Zhang Qian, an associate researcher at the Institute of Nutrition and Health of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that if you want to use plastic bags, the storage time should not be too long. In the case of hypoxia, fruits and vegetables will consume a lot of nutrients, and produce acetaldehyde and alcohol that are toxic to cells. Therefore, ventilation must be paid attention to during storage to ensure oxygen supply.

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