How to use food-grade vacuum packaging bags reasonably?

January 16, 2023

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The use of vacuum packaging bags for food packaging can extend the shelf life of products, maintain the original taste of food, and prevent food from going bad and moldy. More and more manufacturers choose vacuum packaging bags to package food, which shows its broadness. During use Be cautious and careful.Usually, the process of using vacuum packaging bags will cause various problems such as air leakage, color separation, and packaging burst when the container is used to remove the gas in the packaging. If you have such problems during use, it means that you have chosen unqualified products. , then why do these problems occur? 1, Packaging air leakage: it may be that an unknown object scratches or punctures the packaging during use, which leads to air leakage; 21. Color shedding: We all know that the vacuum packaging bag is a plastic composite film, which is glued together by a printed film and one or more than two other films of other materials through an environmentally friendly volume. The most likely reason is that the solvent used in the compounding process is too small and the stickiness is not strong; 31. Easy to break during packaging: This phenomenon is the problem of wrong choice of packaging raw materials or the use of inferior and unqualified low-quality materials. The quality problems of the manufacturers have brought serious losses, and this phenomenon is also common. Furthermore, the manufacturer communicated with the manufacturer to solve the problem when customizing the packaging, and chose low-quality materials that are not suitable for their own products.The choice of vacuum packaging bags is a very important issue. It is not like ordinary food packaging bags./She needs to be used for high-temperature sterilization, and a slight mistake will cause the overall loss. When choosing a vacuum packaging bag, the manufacturer must choose a regular manufacturer in order to purchase qualified packaging products.

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