Is hot food in plastic food bags poisonous??

January 11, 2023

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The topic of this article: Plastic packaging bags are toxic when heatedPlastic bags are toxic when heated and are not recommended for heating food. Plastic bags are used to hold hot foods that are directly ingested, and the temperature exceeds50After ℃. Plastic bags emit toxic fumes. when the temperature reaches80℃. Will melt when exposed to heat. Releases toxic substances.Plastic bags contain substances that are harmful to human health “Plasticizer”, will evaporate faster by heating. Therefore, do not use plastic bags to make high-temperature food for a long time, so as to prevent the toxic substances in the plastic bags from intensifying and being absorbed by the food into the belly of the eater.It is recommended that plastic bags are best used to hold vegetables, fruits, cold dishes and other foods.How to identify inferior plastic bags?distinguish by colorMost of the plastic bags used for food are transparent, that is, they do not have obvious colors. In the vegetable market, you can see vendors using colored plastic bags such as red and black to pack books, comfort and fruits. In fact, most of these colored plastic bags are It is not in compliance with food requirements to add waste and recycled materials.Recognize by eyesThe plastic bag is transparent, so you should put it in a place with good light to see if there are any impurities. If you look carefully at the low-quality plastic bag against the light, you can see that there are black dots on the plastic bag, and the distribution of the dots is uneven. The size is different, and the mouth of the bag can even be seen on the inferior plastic bag. Inferior plastic bags are usually used to hold garbage and cannot hold food, fruits, vegetables and meat.identify by noseInferior plastic bags are mostly made of waste recycled materials, so you can smell the disgusting smell inside the plastic bag with your nose. This kind of plastic bag is usually toxic and cannot be used to hold food or vegetables, otherwise it will cause pollution. High-quality plastic bags have no unpleasant smell, and there may be a slight smell, but at least it will not irritate the nose.feel by handThe surface of good-quality plastic bags is smooth, dense, and flat, while the surface of inferior plastic bags is relatively rough. When touched by hands, the surface will feel uneven, sticky, and astringent.judge by weightThrow the plastic bag into the water. If the plastic bag sinks into the water, it means the plastic bag is of poor quality. If the plastic bag floats on the water, it means the quality is not bad. Plastic bags made of new materials have certain strength, toughness, and hardness, and are generally not easy to tear. Most of the inferior plastic bags will produce a strong smell, and this kind of plastic bags will be torn after a little use.distinguish by soundTake the plastic bag in your hand and shake it vigorously. If the plastic bag makes a crisp sound, it means that the plastic bag is of inferior quality, while a good-quality plastic bag will make a buzzing sound when shaken.Although most of the plastic bags on the market are qualified products and basically do not cause harm to the body, plastic bags do pollute and the environment is harmful to the earth we live in, so try not to use disposable plastic bags.

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