Is there formaldehyde in food bags? (Does formaldehyde seep through plastic packaging?)

January 12, 2023

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Is there formaldehyde in food bags?Generally, formaldehyde is negligible in snacks purchased from formal channels.The outer packaging of food plastic packaging bags must have a Chinese logo, label the factory name, factory address, product name, and indicate it in an obvious place”for food”typeface. After the products leave the factory, they are accompanied by a product inspection certificate.Related article recommendation: Can plastic food bags hold wine? Can alcohol be packed in plastic bags?Relevant knowledge development:Does formaldehyde seep through plastic packaging?When the food processing industry chooses plastic packaging materials, it will consider the airtightness and moisture resistance of different plastic materials according to different foods. Obviously, if the plastic film is not breathable and watertight, there is no need to add airtightness to the material selection. properties and moisture permeability were investigated. That is to say, the plastic film that we think seems to be airtight and watertight is not so tight. It is both breathable and water permeable, but the speed of water vapor permeability is invisible to our naked eyes. The molecular weight of formaldehyde is smaller than that of oxygen, so the plastic film that oxygen can penetrate, formaldehyde can also penetrate. However, if you’re thinking about putting your clothes away, I don’t think there’s any need to worry.

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