Matters needing attention when choosing high temperature resistant aluminum foil bags

December 21, 2022

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Now people’s living standards are constantly improving, and they are also very concerned about the quality of life. Especially in the packaging of some vacuum-packed foods, it has attracted more and more attention. So how should we choose food packaging, especially some high temperature resistant food packaging bags? The following YLTpacking packaging will give you an in-depth explanation of several key points for choosing high-temperature aluminum foil bags: 1. After the high-temperature aluminum foil bag is finished, it should have no peculiar smell; The name, factory address, and the store to which the product belongs, and the words “for food” are not written on the considerable parts. All products have a commodity inspection certificate when they leave the factory; 3. Customized high-temperature aluminum foil bags must be produced by regular manufacturers, and the packaging bag manufacturers must provide business licenses; it is forbidden to buy from street stalls. 4. When purchasing high-temperature aluminum foil bags, you should compare the market price, and don’t blindly ask for a low price. If it is much lower than the market price, it may often be made of recycled plastic.

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