peCan food bags be heated? (peCan plastic bags hold heated food? )

January 27, 2023

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peCan food bags be heatedheating is not recommendedPE+Nylon food packaging bags, usually in the form of vacuum packaging, can keep fresh well, such as: chicken legs, ham, sausages, etc.; pickled products such as various pickles, various bean products, preserved fruits, etc. Food is increasingly using packaging bags of this material.Generally speaking, heating is not recommended, although it is a food-grade packaging bag, andPEComposite nylon packaging bag has good toughness and performance, but its heat resistance is not high, so it is not recommended to heat, it is recommended to chooseRCPPmaterial bag.Recommended related articles:peIs the food bag material safe? (peWhat is the high temperature resistance of food bags? )Relevant knowledge development:peCan plastic bags hold heated foodPlastic bags specially used for food are not poisonous because they are made of polyethylene or nylon. exist200~300℃ high temperature and1000~2000It is produced by polymerizing ethylene under atmospheric pressure. In polyethylene, no other substances are mixed. But it is best not to use it to hold high-temperature food and heat it in a microwave oven. When using plastic bags for food contact, pay attention to the appearance, color and logo of the plastic bags. Edible packaging should have”for food”and other text logos, or pattern logos such as knives and forks. It is best not to use colored plastic bags. Do not use plastic with special smell or smell to hold food. In addition, if you want to microwave heating, also choose”heatable””microwaveable”plastic bags.

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