Performance characteristics of nylon vacuum packaging bags

December 19, 2022

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Nowadays, nylon vacuum bags are more and more widely used in daily life and industrial supplies, so today the three-dimensional bag manufacturers will introduce the main features of nylon vacuum bags to the majority of users:(1) For meat food, nylon vacuum bags can remove oxygen, thereby controlling the growth and development of mold and aerobic bacteria, controlling the oxidation of oil components, controlling food deterioration, and achieving the purpose of freshness and quality preservation. Nylon vacuum bag packs fresh meat, due to the respiration of the meat tissue and the activity of microorganisms, the oxygen in it is converted into carbon dioxide, and the accumulated carbon dioxide can control the reproduction of Pseudomonas and play the role of fresh beef;(2) As far as fruit thinning is concerned, nylon vacuum bags can reduce the oxygen content in the bag. Fruit thinning produces carbon dioxide through anaerobic respiration while maintaining a certain humidity. This low oxygen, high carbon dioxide, and high humidity environment can effectively reduce fruit thinning. Transpiration, reduce fruit thinning respiration, reduce ethylene production and nutrient consumption, and achieve the purpose of freshness preservation;(3) In addition, for other foods, vacuum bags can reduce water evaporation and control condensation and solidification caused by food loss;(4For the circuit board, the strength of the nylon vacuum bag is high, because it is nylon andPEComposite vacuum bag, so the tensile strength and puncture resistance are high, easy to heat seal, good sealing, and not easy to age; nylon vacuum packaging bag has high barrier property: we use different plastic materials to co-extrude films with high barrier properties, so that we can achieve High barrier effect on oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor, etc.(5) Equipment packaging bag manufacturers tell you that in addition to the above functions, nylon vacuum bags also have the advantages of resisting mechanical pressure, reducing vibration, and facilitating long-distance transportation, so they can more effectively maintain the original color, aroma, taste, shape and quality of food. nutritional value.

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