pet food bag 2.5kg How many layers of composite are used?

January 3, 2023

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Pet food bag packaging bag types: flat bottom bag, four-side sealed bag, stand-up bag, special-shaped bag, back-sealed bag and other types. Pet food bags are generally made of aluminum-plastic composite materials, generally there are two-layer composite, three-layer composite, four-layer composite and so on. Pet food should also pay attention to the shelf life. Pet food must be within the specified shelf life, and at the same time, problems such as deterioration, change of taste, and loss of nutrients must not occur. The tightness of pet food bags is also one of the important factors restricting food safety, so we must pay attention to the tightness of pet food packaging bags.

pet food bag manufacturer

pet food bag manufacturer

1, size requirementsWhether it is a dog food packaging bag or a cat food packaging bag, the food of each small animal is different, the size of the particles is different, and the weight of each package is also different, so we must first determine the packaging bag Weight, size, so that satisfactory products can be produced.

2, pet food packaging materialThe main production materials of pet food packaging bags are as follows:


(2)Woven bag

(3)PP/PE,PE/PE,PET/PE,NY/PETwo-layer composite bag

(4)PET/NY/PE,PET/MPET/PE, PET/AL/PEThree-layer composite bag

(5)PET/NY/AL/PE, PET/AL/PET/PEFour-layer composite bag The price and quality of each material are different, so you need to choose your favorite packaging bag according to the positioning of the product.Related article recommendation: Can pet food bags hold human snacks?

3, the bag shape of the pet food bagPet food bag packaging bag types: flat bottom bag, four-side seal bag, eight-side seal bag, self-supporting ziplock bag, etc.

4, The importance of sealing of pet food packaging bags Pet food also has shelf life requirements. During the shelf life, pet food must be guaranteed not to deteriorate, taste, or lose nutrients. There are many factors that affect the shelf life, including preservatives, packaging, storage conditions and other factors. Here we must pay attention to the tightness of pet food packaging bags.

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