pet food packaging4Major development trend: Multifunctional packaging may become mainstream.

January 31, 2023

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As pet parents continue to regard their pets as members of the family, they will pay more attention to the quality of pet food when purchasing pet food, and transfer the value of human food to pet food packaging. Because, today I will take stock of pet food packaging for everyone4a development trend.Sustainable Development of PackagingWith the global emphasis on environmental protection, sustainable development has also become one of the development directions of pet food packaging. The survey shows that contemporary young people are generally willing to pay for environmentally friendly products.Using smart design and material selection, there are several ways to reduce the environmental impact of packaging, such as finding packaging that is lightweight and typically uses less material. Also, make sure these materials come from renewable and sustainable sources, such as cardboard from responsibly managed forests or plastic made from plants like sugar cane.Another important sustainability aspect of packaging is its ability to protect food, extend its shelf life and prevent unnecessary waste. Choose a package that prevents exposure to light and oxygen to protect the taste, color, smell and nutritional value of the product. A good example is the aseptic and retort carton, a technology that extends shelf life without the need for preservatives or refrigeration.The European Pet Food Packaging Initiative offers a solution for bag recycling. Pet owners can place waste pet food packaging at designated public drop-off points across the country, or put it directly into the originating company for recycling. Once collected in bags, they are sorted, washed and shredded. Any food scraps are composted and packaging material is converted into small plastic particles that can be converted into useful plastic items such as park benches, furniture, fence posts or construction applications.Packaging reflects high-endIn the hearts of many young people, pets are not only animals, but also family members. Therefore, pet owners want to buy safer and higher-end food for their pets, for which they are willing to pay a higher price. Pet food brands can seize this opportunity and start from the individual needs of pets and pet owners to meet the psychological needs of different pet families. At the same time, strengthen the application of environmental protection elements in packaging manufacturing to meet consumers’ pursuit of different lifestyles.In the pet food market, there are many different types and brands of pet food. In order to attract consumers, the packaging of pet food is developing towards higher-end patterns and more eye-catching colors. Whether it’s formats like pouches and four-seals, standout graphics or unique finishes and printing techniques, brands are looking for creative”Popularity”on shelves.Eye-catching graphics, high-quality printing techniques and unique material finishes all signal to consumers that they are buying a premium product. Popular surfaces can elevate purchase options such as paper-like varnishes, soft-finish matt, high-gloss or speckled registered varnishes, providing consumers with a visual and tactile experience and giving brand owners an additional opportunity to stand out in the retail environment .Small format packaging and multi-purpose packagingIn people’s minds, pet food is often a large package, because large packages are convenient and affordable, and are more suitable for consumers with many pets at home. However, recent studies have found that in order to make packaging more convenient for consumers, pet food has added more options such as small bags or multi-bags.Cat food, dog food, and pet food are also a kind of food. Small-sized packaging is easier to preserve quality and freshness. Especially cat food packaging bags should not be too large, and cats eat small amounts. For the health of cat owners, many pet owners are willing to buy cats in small packages. grain.In addition, pet food such as cat food and dog food now has many varieties and various forms. Then, the more types of pet food packaging bags for cat food and dog food, the better, which means that the category of products will increase a lot. For For the majority of pet food companies, this low-cost bag can easily carry out differentiated product positioning and obtain greater profits.Pet food in small packages is safer. Foods in large packages are prone to moisture and other problems due to improper storage after opening. Small packages can be taken and used at any time, which is more convenient and safer.In recent years, multi-pouch packaging has grown in importance in the pet food category. E.g,Pedigreebrand offers18bags of gravyPedigree Choice Cuts, including beef, noodle, and vegetable sauces, as well as grilled chicken-flavored sauces. Multifunctional packaging is more targeted, more comprehensive in nutrition for consumers, and more reassuring for pets to eat.The proportion of aluminum foil bags increasesBased on material, plastic is one of the most widely used materials for packaging in various end-use industries.pvc,HDPE,PETand other forms of plastic are widely used in the pet food packaging market. The material is a high barrier, cost-effective, heat-resistant and durable packaging option.In recent years, plastic is still the main material for pet food packaging, among which pure aluminum foil packaging has the fastest development.Aluminum foil packaging bags have good barrier properties. Blocking air, blocking sunlight, blocking grease, blocking moisture, almost all substances are impenetrable; aluminum foil packaging bags have good air tightness; aluminum foil packaging bags have outstanding light-shielding properties, and also have good oil resistance and softness.However, if pet food is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will cause it to deteriorate. It is necessary to minimize contact with sunlight, and do not put it in a cool place, as it will deteriorate and become moldy after a period of time. Aluminum foil bags have a good shading effect, can prolong the shelf life of pet food, and avoid deterioration, so aluminum foil packaging bags for cat food are the best choice.

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