Specific performance of barrier properties of aluminum foil bags

January 14, 2023

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Oxygen barrier aluminum foil bag refers to a type of composite bag containing aluminum foil in the composite bag. According to the unique properties of aluminum, the sealing machine uses aluminum and other high barrier materials to dry compound and make oxygen barrier aluminum foil bag products. Next, let’s take a look at how the oxygen-barrier aluminum foil bag’s strong barrier performance is obtained in terms of oxygen barrier and moisture barrier.PESuitable for low temperature use,CPPSuitable for high temperature cookingPAIt is to increase physical strength, puncture resistance, andALAluminum foil is to increase the barrier performance, and the shading of the milk tea sealing machine is generally used as the middle layerPET,Increase mechanical strength, crisp. The toy blister sealing machine is then combined according to the needs, various performances, and also transparent. In order to increase the barrier performance, use water-resistantPVAHigh barrier coating, oxygen barrier and moisture barrier.1. The oxygen-insulated aluminum foil bag has good insulation performance, strong protection performance, and is air-tight and moisture-tight. Therefore, the blister sealing machine can effectively prevent the contents from absorbing moisture and gasification, and is not easy to be attacked by bacteria and insects. Good stability, not affected by humidity changes.2. The oxygen-insulated aluminum foil bag has a metallic luster, and the filling and sealing machine has a high reflective ability to heat and light, and the printing color of the oxygen-insulated aluminum foil bag is more exquisite and bright.3. Partial aluminizing by shielding or elution can obtain any pattern and any transparent window, so that customers can see the contents of the package. This is a major advancement in the production technology of oxygen-barrier aluminum foil bags, and it is also A distinctive feature of aluminum foil bags.

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