Testing standards for frozen food packaging

January 3, 2023

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Qualified commodities must have qualified packaging. In addition to testing the product itself, commodity testing must also test the packaging. Only after passing the test can it enter the circulation field.At present, there is no special national standard for the detection of frozen food packaging, and industry experts are actively promoting the formulation of industry standards in conjunction with frozen food manufacturers. Therefore, frozen food manufacturers must meet the general national standards for packaging materials when purchasing packaging.E.g: GB9685-2016″Standards for the Use of Additives in Food Contact Materials and Products” stipulates the principles for the use of additives in food containers and packaging materials, the types of additives allowed to be used, the scope of use, the maximum amount of use, the maximum residual amount or specific migration amount; GB/T10004-2008″Plastic Composite Films for Packaging, Dry Lamination of Bags, and Extrusion Lamination” specifies the appearance, physical indicators, and stipulated the amount of residual solvent in composite bags and films; GB 4806.7-2016″Food Contact Plastic Materials and Products” stipulates the requirements for tableware, packaging containers and food industry utensils made of polypropylene resin.In addition, in actual operation, frozen food production enterprises will also formulate some enterprise standards that meet their own conditions according to actual needs, such as quantitative requirements for molded products such as blister trays and foam buckets.

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