The choice of material for each layer of the nozzle bag?

January 19, 2022


The choice of material for each layer of the nozzle bag?

spout bags

(1)First Layer

The first layer is printing film.

At present, the commonly used stand-up bag printing materials on the market are not only ordinary OPP, but also high-strength and high-barrier materials such as PET and PA, which can be selected according to the situation.

If it is used to package powder or dry fruit solid products, common materials such as BOPP and matte BOPP can be used. If packaging liquid products, PA materials are generally used.

(2)Second Layer

The second layer which in the middle that usually use the highly strength and best barrier materials, such PET, PA, VMPET, Pure aluminum etc.

On the another way, as for RFID(Radio Frequency Identification).

The surface tension of middle materials should be meet full composite request, and have the excellent affinity with adhesive.

(3) Final Layer

This layer is general use PE or PPE, CPP etc good in low temperature sealing materials.

It is needed to ensure there have enough surface tension to meet the composite request, but the tension must less than 34mN/m. Also, a best anti-pollution, antistatic and highly sealing is much important for final layer.

Commonly Reference As Follow:

1.Materials Type:


spout bags (2)
spout bags (3)
spout bags (4)
spout bags (5)

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