The eight-side sealing bag is still of great use to us

January 28, 2023

hxpacking hxpacking

Six advantages of eight-sided sealing nozzle packaging bags: 1, Standing stably, which is conducive to shelf display and deeply attracts consumers’ attention;2, A total of eight printing pages, enough space to describe the product or language product sales, global sales product promotion for use. Product information display is more complete;3, Because the bottom of the bag is flat and open, the bottom of the bag is a good display layout when the bag is laid flat;4The eight-side-seal suction nozzle packaging bag stands upright, which is conducive to the soft and beautiful display of the brand; 5, Unique appearance, beware of counterfeiting, easy for consumers to identify, and conducive to brand building;6, It can be printed in multiple colors, the product has a beautiful appearance, and has a strong promotional effect.

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