The features of in common use raw materials —Aluminum foil.

January 13, 2022


The features of in common use raw materials —Aluminum foil.

The aluminum foil is the one of important in package industry. It is usually use 7~15u thickness aluminum foil in make 2~3 layers composite package.

  • Main advantage and effect

The shading, air resistance, moisture resistance, gloss, reflective are both rate up to 95%. Fast heat transfer, easy to absorb heat, easy to cool, excellent barrier and can be used in a variety of industries. Including high temperature sterilization and vacuum bags for frozen food.

Aluminum foil
  • Application in packaging
  1. When used alone, the structure is INK/AL (embossed)/ glue. The packaging of yogurt and other dairy products is generally used. The AL thickness is 20 ~ 40U.
  2. General barrier packaging, such as milk powder, tea, mustard, its structure is: OPP/AL/CPE OR PET/AL/CPE AL thick :7~ 9U.
  3. Cooking food packaging: its structure: PET/AL/CPP OR ONY/ AL/CPP PET/AL/ONY/CPP AL thick: 9U.

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