The outlet method of different plastic bags is also different

January 20, 2023

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After the plastic packaging bag is finished, the product must be sealed before it can be put into the market. So what should be paid attention to when sealing, and how can the seal be firm and beautiful? No matter how beautiful the packaging bag is, poor sealing will affect the appearance of the packaging bag. So what should you pay attention to when sealing plastic packaging bags?

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1: Sealing method of single-layer plastic packaging bagOrdinary plastic packaging bags are single-layered. Such bags are thin and can be sealed tightly at low temperatures. High temperatures will burn the bags. Therefore, you must repeatedly test the temperature when sealing, and the direct temperature will not burn the bag. If the bag is broken and the surface of the bag is flat, this temperature is the right temperature. Usually such bags are made of foot-operated sealing machines.

2: Sealing method of multi-layer composite packaging bagMulti-layer composite plastic packaging bags are relatively thick due to the combination of multi-layer materials, andPETHigh temperature resistance, so such bags can withstand relatively high temperatures, usually to reach200Only when the bag is sealed at a high temperature can the bag be sealed. Of course, the thicker the bag, the higher the temperature. When packaging, it must be tested and then sealed in batches to avoid unnecessary troubles during use.The most important thing for the sealing of plastic packaging bags is temperature control. After the temperature is controlled, the seal will be smooth, beautiful and will not be damaged. Therefore, when sealing, it is necessary to test a suitable temperature, and do not rush to mass production to avoid waste.

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