The quality of food high temperature cooking bags cannot be ignored

December 26, 2022

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With the improvement of the quality of life, the quality of food high-temperature cooking bags is also continuously improved by businesses. In order to control the quality of food high-temperature cooking bags, we must pay attention to the operation of the three processes of printing, compounding, and bag making. In the production process, each control item must be inspected according to the requirements. The high-temperature cooking bag is the basic measure to verify whether the quality meets the standard. Therefore, the three-dimensional bag feels that the whole process from raw materials to finished products must be strictly inspected, especially to verify food cooking. The high-temperature cooking degree test of the bag function must not be sloppy. 1, before printingBOPAThe nylon composite film can be placed in the curing room at a temperature of35placed in a space of2Hours to warm up. The printing workshop should do a good job of controlling the relative humidity, when it exceeds75% relative humidity we recommend not to print. When printing, we should pay attention to the gradient of drying temperature, otherwise it will affectBOPAExcellent drying and overprinting accuracy. 2Select the appropriate ink according to the characteristics of the printing material and the structure of the composite film, such as selectingBOPANylon is the printing layer, and the ink of individual colors in food high-temperature cooking bags may be in the cooking state.BOPAIn the same way, for the retort bag with only two layers of printing layer and heat sealing layer, the ink also hasRCPPPossibility of permeation, which brings the risk of contamination of the contents. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention when choosing retort-resistant inks, and choose inks that are resistant to penetration to further reduce risks. 3, spot colors and white inks that need to be used in a large area need to be added3%The amount of ink curing agent must be determined according to the technical information provided by the ink manufacturer, not too much or too little. This place should be weighed with a precise electronic scale. The remaining ink recovered from the ink tray, no matter how long it has been stored, can no longer be used for printing high-temperature cooking products. It is recommended to put it on other products to digest and use it as soon as possible after use.(It is limited to the case where there are not enough orders for high-temperature cooking products.) 4, Make the residual amount of printing material solvent low, and the ink adhesion fastness is good. The food high temperature cooking bag must select the standard production process parameters, such as oven temperature, air volume and machine speed, etc., for large areas with ink curing agent added Ink, its oven temperature is higher than other inks10~15℃. 5, after printingBOPAMembrane must be usedALThe composite film of foil or laminated aluminized film is tightly wrapped to prevent moisture shrinkage and performance changes. 61. The manufacturer of the anti-rust bag for printing materials with ink curing agent is recommended to rewind once, and the storage time should not exceed three days, that is, the printing layer should be compounded at least within three days.

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