The shelf life of puffed food is related to the packaging bag

December 27, 2022

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Puffed food is a snack food that many children and adults like. However, the shelf life on puffed food packaging bags can only be used as our reference. In order to maintain the special taste of puffed snack food, the requirements for plastic packaging bags of puffed food are relatively high. Several important factors that affect the shelf life of puffed snack foods in plastic packaging bags:1. Headspace content in plastic packaging bags. Puffed snacks are fragile. During production, transportation and sales, the product should be protected from mechanical or external extrusion, such foods are prone to moisture and oxidation. Therefore, puffed snacks are usually filled with the inert gas nitrogen. If there is too much oxygen left in the package, it will easily lead to the reproduction of microorganisms, resulting in moldy and spoiled products.Second, the barrier properties of plastic packaging bags. The packaging form of puffed snack food is relatively simple, and the product packaging generally adopts plastic composite pillow bags. There are a variety of plastic composite packaging materials, there are also a variety of composite combinations, including plastic-Plastic composite materials, paper-plastic composite materials, aluminum-plastic composite materials, etc. Through different compound combinations, it can meet the requirements of different foods for packaging strength, sealing performance, oxygen resistance, water resistance, and light resistance. The water resistance and oxygen resistance of puffed snack food packaging directly affect the quality of the product during the shelf life. With this test, problems such as oxidative spoilage, taste deterioration caused by moisture, and mold caused by sensitivities to oxygen or water vapor can be addressed.3. The sealing performance of plastic packaging bags. Puffed snack food is a product that is easily affected by moisture and oxidative deterioration. In addition to controlling the barrier properties of packaging materials, it is also necessary to ensure the sealing reliability of the entire package to avoid product contamination and deterioration due to leakage. The poor sealing performance mainly comes from the sealing port, so the focus of the sealing inspection should be whether there is leakage at the sealing port.Looking at the above factors that affect the shelf life of puffed food, we can see that the quality of plastic packaging bags is very important to puffed food. Therefore, when we choose to use puffed food, the first thing we should see is plastic packaging bags. Before eating food, we should look at the shelf life of the food.

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