The solution to the wrinkling of vacuum packaging bags

January 9, 2023

hxpacking hxpacking

Will the vacuum food packaging bag wrinkle??How to solve if wrinkle ?1, Replace the qualified film.2, Adjust the position of the film so that it will not be deflected during the transmission process.3, Adjust the amount of glue applied, and apply glue evenly.4, Adjust the process parameters to make the adhesive fully dry and reduce the residual amount of solvent.51. The composite film should be fully cooled before winding.6, Regulate compound pressure.7Adjust the tension of unwinding and winding, so that the tension of each part matches each other.8, Adjust the parallelism of each guide roller.91. Clean the surface of each guide roller and replace the damaged guide roller to ensure that the surface of the guide roller is flat, smooth and clean.

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