The topic about detail in raw materials OPP film, BOPP film.

March 21, 2022


The topic about detail in raw materials OPP film , BOPP film.

  • OPP: Oriented polypropylene, is one of a polypropene.

When polypropylene film is extruded longitudinal in the machine direction it is called oriented polypropylene, see the picture as below. This method is used for producing OPP films, namely, the tenter process.



OPP Bags

  1. It has the characteristics of high transparency and brittleness.
  2. Good sealing. The experimental data show that the sealing performance of the new OPP film is more than double that of its traditional film, so that the product has stronger moisturizing, fresh-keeping and longer storage time.
  3. Strong anti-counterfeiting. The synthetic technology and special printing technology used in the new film have high technological content. Only Germany and Japan have mastered this technology. It is almost impossible to counterfeit the production, which provides a strong guarantee for the anti-counterfeiting of goods.
  4. The raw materials used in the new OPP film are degradable materials.
  • BOPP: biaxially oriented polypropylene. That’s mean the film is extruded and stretched in both the machine direction(MD) and across machine direction(TD) it is called biaxially oriented polypropylene. Two methods are widely used for producing BOPP films, namely, the tenter process and tubular process.

Commonly used BOPP films include: ordinary biaxially oriented polypropylene film, heat-sealed biaxially oriented polypropylene film, etc.

The main uses of various films are as follows:

  1. Ordinary BOPP film

Uses: Mainly used for printing, bag making, adhesive tape and compounding with other substrates.

  1. BOPP heat sealing film

Uses: Mainly used for printing, bag making, etc.

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