What are the common types of coffee bags ?

July 1, 2022


As a packaging bag for coffee, customers always choose only the products they like in the dazzling variety of products. In addition to the popularity and satisfaction of the product itself, the concept of the packaging design of coffee bags is influencing consumers to make purchasing decisions. The following are common types of packaging on the market:

1. stand up coffee bag: This is the most economical packaging. Usually used by small local bakeries because they can guarantee quick supply. Coffee beans can be consumed in time. If there is no air valve added, the coffee beans in this packaging method can only be stored for a short time.

coffee bags

2. Side gusset Coffee Bag: After filling the coffee, vacuum and seal it. Due to the formation of carbon dioxide during roasting, this package can only be packaged after the coffee has been left for a period of time to deaerate, so there are several days of storage intervals, and the coffee beans are longer than coffee grounds. Low cost as no separation from the air is required during storage. Coffee in this packaging should be used up within 10 weeks. This bag type can also be closed with a tin tie.

coffee bags (2)

One-way air valve flat bottom bag: After roasting, the coffee is placed in a special one-way valve. This exhaust valve allows gas to go out, but not in. A separate storage stage is not required, but there is a slight loss of aroma due to the outgassing process. It avoids the formation of rancid flavors but does not prevent the loss of aroma.

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