What are the printing methods of plastic packaging bags?Plastic bag printing process

January 23, 2023

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What are the printing methods of plastic packaging bags ?Printing method of plastic packaging bags:1, gravure printing:Gravure printing mainly prints plastic films, which are used to make various plastic bags, etc.2,Toppan Printing:Letterpress printing is mainly flexographic printing, which is widely used in various plastic bags, Composite packaging bags and plastic packaging bags printing.3,screen printing:Screen printing is mainly used for plastic film printing and various containers that have been formed, and it can also print transfer materials for transferring graphics and text on special-shaped containers.4, special printing:Special printing of plastic packaging bags refers to other printing methods that are different from traditional printing methods, including inkjet printing, gold and silver ink printing, barcode printing, liquid crystal printing, magnetic printing, pearlescent printing, hot stamping anodized aluminum, etc.Recommended related articles: What is the melting point of plastic bags? (The melting point of plastic bags is most suitable.)Relevant knowledge development:Plastic bag printing process1. Printing.The problem that needs attention related to printing is that you need to communicate with the plastic packaging bag manufacturer in advance about the grade of ink used in printing. It is recommended that you use environmentally-friendly certified inks. The plastic packaging bags printed with this ink smell Smaller and safer.If it is a transparent plastic packaging bag, there is no need to print this step, and the following process can be directly started.Second, check.There is a special screen at the end of the printing machine to check whether there is any error on the roll film being color printed. After printing a part of the color printing film after starting up, a part of the sample is often torn off from the film to be checked by the color printing master and handed over to the customer at the same time. Check, check whether the version is correct, whether the color is accurate, whether there are any errors that have not been found before, etc., and continue printing after the customer signs.What needs to be pointed out is that due to the error of the monitor or the printed draft, sometimes the actual printed color will be different from the design draft, but at the beginning of the printing work, if the customer is not satisfied with the printed color, it is still possible at this time Adjustment, this is also the reason why plastic packaging bag manufacturers generally require customers to go to the factory to see the color and sign the sample before printing.Three, composite.Plastic packaging bags are usually composed of two or three layers of raw film, and the printing layer is a layer of glossy or matte film, and then the printed film is laminated with other packaging films of different grades and materials. The composited packaging film also needs to be cured, that is, to dry the composited packaging film by adjusting the appropriate time and temperature.Fourth, bag making.Different bag types of plastic packaging bags have different bag making methods. Various types of plastic packaging bags such as three-side seal, four-side seal, stand-up pouch, and eight-side seal are reflected in the bag making process. Bag making is to cut and glue the printed packaging bag roll film into complete plastic packaging bags according to the size and shape of the plastic packaging bags. If you customize the plastic packaging bag roll film used directly on the automatic packaging machine, then there is no bag making link, and you will complete a series of work such as bag making, packaging, and sealing when using the roll film.5. Packaging and transportation.Plastic packaging bag manufacturers will pack the produced plastic packaging bags according to a certain number and send them to customers. Generally speaking, plastic packaging bag manufacturers have the service of delivering goods to the nearest location, but if you need to deliver by logistics, then When packing, it is necessary to consider the strength of the packing material to avoid damage to the goods.

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